Ebonwald Cardigans

Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


GCH Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight PT
BISS GCH C-Mystle Baledwr Free to Disagree x CH Merrymoon Ebonwald I'm a Q.T.
Born: March 4, 2010
Color: Black and White with tan points
Bred by: Garrett Ramsay
Owned by: Garrett Ramsay

Brewer was my pick male of the litter. I did not keep him based on his color, but for the things I was after in a male, substance, bone, length, head, temperament, and his lovely rear. Brewer finished his Championship title in limited showing with three majors, one which was WD at the Supported Entry at Richland, WA fall 2010. Brewer on his first day as a special was Select Dog over another special for his first 4 point grand champion major! He has won Best of Breed twice over a Top 10 ranked special, and BOS several times to the #1 Cardigan in the country! He finished his Grand Champion title with SEVEN majors and a few 2 point wins (dogs were pulled on day of show). Brewer at age 5, took back to back Award of Merits at the Supported shows in Freeport, IL! My first AOMs! Brewer is available to stud for approved bitches.

Brewer's Win Record:
7/17/11 - BOW 1 pt - James Noe - Inland Empire Kennel Club
8/6/11 - WD/BOW 1 pt - Paula Hartinger - Coos Kennel Club
8/7/11 - WD/BOW 1 pt - Roger Hartinger - Coos Kennel Club
9/30/11 - RWD - NWCF Regional Specialty
10/1/11 - WD -  4 pt -CWCCA Supported Entry - Emily Fish - Richland Kennel Club
11/19/11 - WD 1pt - Rogue Valley Kennel Club
2/26/12 - WD 3 pt major - Margaret Mickelson - McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers Inc.
4/22/2012 - WD/BOW 4 pt majo - Joan Zielinski - Lewis-Clark Kennel Club

Brewer's Win Record as a Special:
4/23/2012 - Select 4 pt GCH major - Roger Hartinger - Lewis-Clark Kennel Club
7/13/2012 - Best of Breed 3 pt GCH Major - Paula Hartinger - Duluth Kennel Club
7/14/2012 - Select - Helen Lee James - Duluth Kennel Club
7/15/2012 - Best of Breed 3 pt GCH major - Frank Sabella - Duluth Kennel Club
8/24/12 Best of Opposite Sex 3 pt GCH major - Danelle Brown - North Star Herding Group Club
8/25/12 - Select 2 pt GCH - Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna - St Croix Valley Kennel Club
8/26/12 - Best of Opposite Sex 2 pt GCH - Pat Hastings - St Croix Valley Kennel Club
1/4/13 - Select 5pt GCH - Mary Murphy-East - North Star Herding Group Club
1/6/13 - Select 2 pt GCH - Susan Godek - Land O' Lakes Kennel Club
2/16/13 - BOS 5 pt major - Donna Francis - Plum Creek Kennel Club
2/17/13 - Select 4 pt major - David Anthony - Colorado Kennel Club

Archer - retired (frozen semen available)

GCH Riverside Boss is Magic at Ebonwald
CH Pluperfet Practical Magic x CH Riverside Telltail Pullitzer's Prize
DOB: 8/3/12
Breeders: Jackie Zagoren, Deborah Shindle, Cindy Bossi
Owner: Garrett Ramsay
Color: Brindle and White

Archer was not a planned purchase, but sort of just 'happened'. But it was meant to be :) Archer was a show prospect from some ladies who I respect very much. His sire goes back to the lines I like and work with. Archer is extremely friendly and of great temperament. He has many attributes that I appreciate. Thank you ladies for letting him come live with me! Archer finished his CH title in limited showing. His first weekend out as a special he garnered a BOS over 5 specials for his first GCH major! Archer received back to back Award of Merits at the Supported shows in Freeport, IL, and then at the Three Trails CWC Specialty in Springfield, MO was AOM under Norwegian Judge Ingrid Pritz-Ohm. He finished his Grand Champion title by going Best of Breed over specials at the Denver CO cluster in 2016. Thank you to Jessica for helping to show him to his Grand CH title and finding him the perfect home to retire in.

 Archer is now collected and has frozen semen available. He is retired and living in Wyoming. Available to approved bitches.

Archer's Win Record:
February 18, 2013 - 2 points WD/BOW, Edy Dykstra-Blum, Colorado Kennel Club
10/26/13 - 3 point major, BOW, Roger Hartinger - Sioux Empire Kennel Club
10/27/13 - 3 point major, BOW - Vincent T Grosso - Sioux Empire Kennel Club
11/23/13 - BOW 1 point - Ginny Altman - Minneapolis Kennel Club
11/24/13 - BOW 1 point -Lydia Coleman Hutchinson - Minneapolis Kennel Club
12/7/13 - BOW 1 point - Donna Buxton - Granite City Kennel Club
12/8/13 - BOW 1 point - Kenneth Buxton - Granite City Kennel Club
1/3/13 - WD 3 point major - Land O' Lakes Kennel Club

Archer's Win Record as a Special:
1/5/13- Best of Opposite Sex - 4pt Gch Major - Joe Lobb


GCH Ebonwald's Having a Hay Day 

  GCH Toreth Sunshine's There Be Dragons x Ebonwald Brace For Impact at Toshay

DOB: 10/29/14
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay, Denise Waiting
Owner: Garrett Ramsay
Color: Brindle and White

Monroe was not a planned keeper. He was sold to a long time breeder who backed out last minute. He has a large 5 point major from a supported entry and many reserve wins to the major at supported entries and specialties. He has been shown on a very limited basis and finished from the Bred by Class. Monroe has the best personality and really has drive for herding.

He finished his Grand Champion title with all majors in limited showing by going breed or select over competition every show. He finished his title at the Three Trails Specialty weekend by going Select the first show we were entered at!

He's available to stud for approved bitches.

 Monroe's Wins:

1/9/16 - Winners Dog - 1 point

10/2/16- Winners Dog - 5 point

19/30/18 - Winners Dog - 5 point

10/19/18 - Best of breed  - 4 point

Best in Sweepstakes - Three Trails 2016


Monroe's Wins as Champion:

10/21/18 Best of breed - 5 point major and competition win