Ebonwald Cardigans

Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

Current Dogs

The dogs listed below are our current lineup. Only Useph lives with us currently as he is growing up.


CH Ebonwald's Upper Hand

GCHB Madhatter's Achilles' Heel BCAT x Ebonwald's Give Me a Reason to Wait PT FDC
DOB: 1/2/21
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay, Aaron Gray
Owner: Garrett Ramsay, Aaron Gray
Color: Black and White

Useph was the boy in the litter I was most drawn to. I haven't wanted to keep a boy in a long time but there were too many nice ones to grow on, I had to keep one. In limited showing he finished with four majors, and best opposite sex in puppy sweeps under breeder judge Christina Mazepink. He has the absolute best temperament and fetching a ball is his life. I joke that the light is on but no one is home, but he is definetly a sweet, active, cuddly boy.

 For stud inquires please contact Garrett Ramsay.


 GCH Ebonwald Madegann Quick Study

GCH Kino's Quarry Tiger Eye at Redbud x GCHB Ebonwald's I'm Worth Melting at Madegann
DOB: 12/11/2018
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay, Jessica Melsness
Owner: Jessica Melsness
Color: Brindle and White

Quiz was the obvious pick of the litter but I was not looking for a male and really wanted to keep Quila, who was the only girl in the litter. Fast forward two years and Quiz has already done so many wonderful things, having gone Best in Sweepstakes or Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes each time he was entered, always under breeder judges. And then, to top it off, he received an Award of Merit in 2021 at the largest CWCCA National to date, under a long time and well respected breeder judge! He was in the final lineup of 14 dogs. Truly an amazing feeling. Thank you Jessica for being his person and showing him so well and believing in him. Thank you for raising this litter and for always being a great breeding partner.  

for any stud inquiries please contact Jessica Melsness. 

Winston Uri

CH Ebonwald's Strike Up a Friendship

GCHB Madhatter's Achilles' Heel BCAT x Ebonwald's Give Me a Reason to Wait PT FDC
DOB: 1/2/2021
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay, Aaron Gray
Owner: Garrett Ramsay, Sophia Brummond, Julie Thate
Color: Black and White

Winston Uri was one of several promising boy puppies in the "U" litter. We had the opportunity to help start a junior in the breed and to dog showing and we couldn't be more proud of how Winston Uri and Sophia have gotten both their majors and are at 11 points now! For any stud inquiries please contact myself.  


CH Ebonwald's Time For a Courageous Heart at Madegann

GCH Ebonwald Madegann Quick Study x Ebonwald's Lasting Impression
DOB: 12/22/2020
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay
Owner: Toni O'Gormann, Jessica Melsness
Color: Red and White

Thaddeus is an up and coming boy from my T litter. Many thanks for Jessica raising this litter for me! The litter was Quiz' first litter and overall a very consistent and nice litter. Once he is done showing, he will also become a therapy dog! He has some lovely virtues and finished his CH title quickly.

For any stud inquiries please contact Garrett Ramsay 

Retired Studs

We have not normally kept many boys as they seem to shine better in other show homes and we still have easy access to them. However all the boys listed below are now done showing and in their retirement homes doing things like therapy work, going on boat rides on the lake, hiking in the mountains, or just holding down the couch. 

These boys listed below have all been neutered. I want to thank all my homes that have them for being such wonderful and willing participants in my journey with the dogs!


Miles - retired (frozen semen available)


GCH Ebonwald's Mother Lode at Silvermoon

GCH Toreth's Its a Hot One x Spyrock Ebonwald Return to Sender RN
DOB: 9/25/16
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay
Owner: Dana Yaeger

Color: Brindle and White 

MIles was the pick puppy in this litter of 10. He far exceeded my expectations with his first mom, Donna Messer. They placed in the ribbons at their first national specialty in both sweepstakes and regular classes. They were the first Ebonwald bred male to earn a group placement in regular groups, as well as the first male dog to earn an Owner Handled Group One! They also made several cuts in the Best of Breed line up in multiple specialties, two cuts in the prestigious Megan Competition, and multiple best of breed over ranked specials when he was out being shown. Thank you Donna and Dana for all you have done for Miles. 

For frozen semen inquires please contact myself or Donna Messer. 

Monroe -retired (frozen semen available)

 GCH Ebonwald's Having a Hay Day

GCHB Toreth Sundshine's Here Be Dragons x Ebonwald Brace For Impact at Toshay
DOB: 10/29/2014
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay, Denise Waiting
Owner: Nicole Kramer
Color: Brindle and White

Monroe was a boy who was destined for another show home and then they backed out. So i hadn't planned on keeping a puppy, especially when i was in the middle of moving. After growing him on for a few years and only being able to show once or twice a year, we finally finished him by going best of breed over specials. He ended up finishing with 3 majors and a single point. He was also best in sweepstakes under a Pembroke breeder at the Three Trails Specialty in 2015. He is a joy of a dog to have and we are excited that we were able to freeze him multiple times so we had plenty to use down the road on bitches he would be a good fit with.

 Please contact Garrett Ramsay for inquiries.

Otis - retired (frozen semen available)

 CH Ebonwald's Gosh Waiting Makes Me Blue CGC

GCH GCHG C-Myste Baledwr Whomping Willowx GCHB Ebonwald's Be On the Lookout ROMS-V
DOB: 8/15/13
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay
Owner: Jeri Melsness

Color: Blue Merle and White

Otis was such a lovely and promising puppy, from the "G" litter. He earned several points and a major right out the gate at 6 months with Jessica and then took some time to finish. After much persuasion he was brought out at age 6 years, to get his second major to finish (and five points at that!). He will have sired one litter this year, and would be available frozen to approved bitches. 

Please contact Garrett Ramsay for inquiries. he has frozen semen available.

Archer - retired (frozen semen available)

 GCH Riverside Boss IS Magic at Ebonwald 

CH Pluperfect Merrymoon Practical Magic x CH Riverside Telltail Pulitzer's Prize
DOB: 8/3/12
Breeders: Cindy Bossi, Jackie Zagoren, Deb Shindle
Owner: Toni O'Gormann
Color: Brindle and White

 Archer was a special boy who came to live here with grand ideas. Archer made two cuts under a breeder judge as a young special at a national specialty. He finished his grand fairly easily, as well as his championship titles. We adore Archer and had a few litters by him. We wish we were able to use him more but do not have bitches currently to use him on.

He is frozen and if anyone had inquires please contact Garrett Ramsay.

Brewer - retired

GCH Ebonwald's Be Home by Midnight PT

MBISS GCHG C-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree HT RI TKN CGC VC ROMB x CH Merrymoon Ebonwald I'm a QT CGC STDs
DOB: 3/4/10
Breeders: Garrett Ramsay
Owner: Garrett Ramsay
Color: Black and White with tan points

Brewer was the boy who wasn't supposed to stay but couldn't stand to let go. Mandy Katasse and Denise Waiting were tremendous help in growing him on for me, showing him, and completing his CH title, all the while telling me that patience is a virtue. Brewer is such a good boy. He was my first dog to get an Award of Merit at a specialty, and ended up with 3 of them in limited showing. He had several nice litters but we only have Reagan down from him now and regret waiting to collect him until he was too old and the counts were not good. As a black dog out of two brindles, he should have been used more heavily on blue merle breedings as he was not related to Carbon, Fudge, or Dickens. Hind sight is 20/20 right?