Ebonwald Cardigans

Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.


Ballantyne is shown winning Best of Oppsite Sex in Sweeps at the FMKC CWCCA Supported Entry.
GCH Ebonwald's Be On The Lookout
BISS GCH  C-Myste Baledwr Free To Disagree x CH Merrymoon Ebonwald I'm a Q.T.

Born: March 4, 2010
Color: Black and White with Brindle Points
Breeder: Garrett Ramsay
Owner: Garrett Ramsay

My mentor and good friend Barb Hoffman who is the breeder of Ell and Daisy, chose this bitch as the pick bitch. For many good reasons. I always discounted her as a puppy because she was the smallest puppy in the litter. Boy was I wrong! Ballantyne finished her Championship in one summer with four majors and a few single points, all owner/breeder handled. She also finished her Grand Champion in six consecutive shows, including several 5 point majors at supported entries and herding specialties. She is 25 pounds like her dam, and again proves that bigger isnt' always better. She has fantastic reach and drive and is quite the mover. She has a personality that is fun to show and after a litter from her, she will be specialed again as she is just so fun to show. Good things come in little packages!

Ballantyne winning BOS at the NSHGC Specialty over 4 bitch specials. This was her 3rd GCH major! And completely out of coat!

Ballantyne's Win Record:
10/11/10 - WB/BOW 1 point - James Frederickson - Wright County Kennel Club
5/28/10 - WB/BOW 1 point - Joe Purkhiser - Key City Kennel Club
6/4/11 - WB/BOW/BOS 3 points - Emily Fish - Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club
7/30/11 - WB/BOW/BOS 1 point - Rev. Dr. Parick Ormos - Waukesha Kennel Club
7/31/11 - WB/BOW/BOS 1 point - Lynn Brooks - Waukesha Kennel Club
8/27/11 - WB/BOW 3 points - Garry Newton - St. Croix Valley Kennel Club
8/28/11 - WB 3 points - Tammy Johnston - St. Croix Valley Kennel Club
10/29/11 - WB 3 points - Judi Bendt - Sioux Empire Kennel Club

Ballantyne's Win Record as a Special:
She finished her GrCH with 6 shows and all majors!
12/10/11 - Select Bitch 3 pt GrCH major - Beverly Capstick - Granite City Kennel Club
12/11/11 - BOS 4 pt GrCH major - Mrs. Robert Forsyth - Granite City Kennel Club
1/6/12 - BOS 5pt GrCH major - Lynn Kilngel-Brown - North Star Herding Group Club Specialty
1/7/12 - BOS 5pt GrCH major - Linda More - Land O' Lakes Kennel Club
1/8/12 - Select Bitch 4 pt Gr Ch major - Lloyd Graser - Land O' Lakes Kennel Club
6/1/12 - BOS 5 pt GCH major - Jean Fournier - FMKC
6/2/12 - BOS 5 pt GCH major - Vivian Moran - FMKC