Ebonwald Cardigans

Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

These Cardigans crept into my heart in 2005 and are here to stay. They are smart, willing, agile, humorous and full of love and devotion. If the human race could only learn from them. Since then, I have been competitive in the conformation ring as well as performance rings such as rally, herding and agility. I have gotten the titles on the dogs mostly myself (with a little help along the way) and look forward to many years in the future with my dogs at my side, enjoying these events together.

I grew up on a 5 generation family farm in west central, Minnesota. There, for the first ten years of owning Cardigans, they were used to work the stock on the farm (cattle, sheep and chickens). We have recently relocated to Northern Illinois where the dogs continue to work the sheep that followed us here.

On a personal level, I went to college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, in Animal Science (emphasis in genetics and nutrition) from North Dakota State University (GO BISON!), in Fargo, North Dakota. After graduation, I returned to the family farm and was a self employed business owner, as well as sold animal products from the farm (eggs, chicken, lamb, beef, wool, and breeding stock). I am currently enjoying traveling with my dogs and sheep to events around the country.

Please remember when searching for a dog, to go through members of the CWCCA website, ask questions, visit the potential breeder's home, and find out if they test for hips and eyes. Ask for a contract of some sort, health guarantees, and if possible, see the parents and/or siblings of the dog in 'question'. It is important to purchase your pet or show dog from responsible breeders. You may pay more in the end for them, but it is very much worth the extra money to know you have a sound and healthy dog! The more and more people that are aware of getting animals from breeders who test and have health guarantees, the better off the breed is as a whole! Its worth it!

We are striving for healthy, happy dogs with proper structure and temperament!

I am a proud member of the:

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America