Ebonwald Cardigans

Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

The CWCCA (parent club of the Cardigan) has only made it necessary for a CERF (eyes), Hip Xray, and PRA for them to be labeled on the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) website. These animals do not even have to PASS these tests, just  that they in fact were tested for them.

Unfortunately other things plague our breed and I am happy to report that my intact animals have been or will be tested for ALL known tests in Cardigans. These include PRA status, DM (Degenerative Mylepothy), Hips, Elbows, Patellas, Cardiac, Thyroid and CERF. While some breeders may feel it unnecessary to test for all these things I personally feel that it is important to test for what is available in our breed for the most sound and healthy animals when choosing a prospective mate for our dog/bitch AND to show others publicly that my animals may or may not have something. Since my dogs so far have been 'normal' or only carriers, my animals will NEVER exhibit these terrible genetic diseases.

 If you look elsewhere for a puppy, please ask the breeder why they are not testing their dogs for these other genetic diseases/faults, even if they are (for the time being) less likely to occur in our breed. Considering there are not many Cardigans tested for some of these hereditary issues only makes it all the more important to keep testing to make sure it is not running rampant in our breed and we just don't' know about it, because we don't test.

Also ask to see a copy of the pedigree. Some people claim that they have generations of dogs tested for various things and that is misleading. Its in fact not the entire generation, but only one dog in each generation. You will find that in many lines of Cardigans,that overall as a breed, it isn't typically tested strenuously and therefore will not have many relatives tested for these things either, which is unfortunate. Those same people who are misleading you about their generations of testing will also mislead you on other things. I've learned from experience, so please be careful!

Those of us who have Cardigan Welsh Corgis are in a position to avoid the mass proliferation of the breed by dollar-oriented breeders.  Cardigans are not yet that common.  We are also in a position to make our breed sounder and healthier by learning about the physical and mental obstacles that are out there – and then by being selective.  The question is, about what should we be selective?  Is the breed standard the ultimate guide to what a “good breeder” seeks to produce?  It is at this point that there is divergence of opinion.  I believe (because I choose to believe it) that we, as a group, can produce dogs that are not only beautiful on the outside, but are also genetically healthy.  It requires more effort, being even more selective than we must be when we focus on physical beauty alone, and, yes, it costs more money.

The only way I know to diminish the occurrence of those problems in any breed, including Cardis, is to health test and to use the testing as a tool in selecting for the next generation.  There is not instant gratification when we do it this way.  There are small steps forward and sometimes a big step or two backward.  The goal must remain. Individual breeders make their own choices about what testing they do or do not do, what they believe is important, and what they can afford to do.  This is not a contest with the person who’s done the most testing being declared the winner.  The winners are the dogs that will live long and die of old age, pain free.

So, it’s my opinion that each of us, involved in any aspect of breeding or showing dogs, has a responsibility to our breed.  How we choose to fulfill that responsibility is a personal decision.  What we excuse or overlook is our personal decision, the traits for which we select is a personal decision.  I can live with mine.

I am trying for healthy, structurally correct dogs with outstanding temperaments.

Ava -
OFA Hips - GOOD WCC-1659G27F-VPI
PRA Line Clear
CERF - NORMAL, '11 WCC-354440
Cardiac - NORMAL  WCC-TH45/18F-NOPI
Thyroid - NORMAL WCC-CA52/18F/C-NOPI
Patellas - NORMAL WCC-PA38/19F/P-NOPI
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/A Carrier, #52617
Fluff - N/A Carrier, #52617
Extension Gene - E/E NORMAL, #52617

Brewer -
OFA Hips - GOOD WCC-1664G24M-VPI
PennHIP - 90% percentile
OFA Elbows - Left Normal, Right Grade 2 DJD
PRA Line Clear
CERF Normal '11, '12 (not submitted yet)
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N Normal #52624
Fluff - N/A Carrier #52624
Extension Gene - E/E/ NORMAL #52624

Archer -
OFA prelim HIps - GOOD
OFA Elbows - Normal
CERF - Normal
Cardiac -Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N Normal
Fluff - N/A Carrier
Extension Gene - E/e (carries pink)
PRA Line Clear

Campbell -
CERF - Normal
OFA Hips - Unilateral HD right,
OFA Elbows - Normal
PRA Line Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N Normal #59625
Extension Gene - E/e Carrier #59625
Fluff - N/A Carrier by parentage

Naveen -
CERF Normal
PRA Line Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N Line Clear
Fluff - A/A (homozygous fluffy)
Extension Gene - E/E by parentage

Denley -
CERF - distachia (extra eye lashes)
PRA Line Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/A (carrier)
Extension Gene - E/E by parentage
Fluff - N/N (fluff free)
Dilution Gene D/D (does not carry dilute)
Brown Gene - B/b (carries brown color recessively)

OFA Prelim- GOOD
CERF - Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/A (carrier)
Fluff - N/A (carrier)
Extension Gene - E/e (carrier)

Past dogs' test results for reference:
Sadie (spayed)-
CERF NORMAL - WCC-968, (2006,2009)
PRA CLEAR through a combination
Degenerative Myelopathy A/N Carrier, #52620
Ell - (retired,spayed)
CERF NORMAL 2009 -WCC-1145
Thyroid NORMAL - WCC-TH32/12F-VPI, 
PRA CLEAR through DNA test (also line clear through parentage) WCC-PRA28/29F-VPI
Degenerative Myelopathy A/N Carrier WCC-DM48/14F-VPI-CAR
Cardiac NORMAL - WCC-CA41/16F/P-VPI
Patellas NORMAL - WCC-PA24/16F/P-VPI
Extension Gene, E/E NORMAL - does not carry little 'e' recessively
Oliver (neutered)-
PRA CLEAR through a combination
OFA Prelim hip - MILD (9  mo)
OFA Hips - MILD (43 mo.)
OFA Elbows - NORMAL (43 mo.) WCC-EL150M43-PI
Degenerative Myelopathy - NORMAL (N/N) WCC-DM223/60M-PI

Zoe - (retired, spayed)   #69650
PRA CLEAR through DNA test WCC-PRA27/35F-VPI
CERF NORMAL 2008 (not submitted to database), 2009, WCC-1146
Thyroid NORMAL - WCC-TH31/18F-VPI
Coat Length N/F Carrier,
Degenerative Myelopathy A/N Carrier WCC-DM47/20F-VPI-CAR
Patellas NORMAL WCC-PA23/22F/P-VPI
OFA Hips - FAIR WCC-1416F24F-VPI

Daisy -  #69651
PRA CLEAR through DNA test (also line clear through parentage)WCC-PRA29/32F-VP
CERF NORMAL 2009  WCC-1144
Cardiac NORMAL - WCC-CA44/23F/C-PI
OFA Hips FAIR - WCC1481F29F-PI
Thyroid NORMAL - WCC-TH39/30F-VPI
Patellas -
Degenerative Myelopathy - NORMAL  WCC-DM226/31F-VPI
Extension Gene - E/e Carrier, (found through breeding)
 Cass -
PRA Line Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/A Carrier #59626
Extension Gene - E/e Carrier #59626
Fluff carrier by parentage
CERF Normal

Eidie - (spayed)
PRA Line Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/A (carrier)
Extension Gene - E/E by parentage
Fluff - N/N (fluff free)
Dilution Gene - D/D (does not carry dilute)
Brown Gene - B/b (carries brown color recessively

 Decker - (neutered)
Cardiac - Normal
PRA Line Clear
Degenarative Myelopathy - N/A Carrier
Extension Gene - E/E
Dilition Gene - D/D
Brown Gene - B/B
CERF - Normal

 Bolin -
PRA Line Clear
Patellas - NORMAL WCC-PA39/16F/P-NOPI
CERF - NORMAL '11 WCC-355333
Thyroid - NORMAL WCC-TH46/16F-VPI
Cardiac - NORMAL WCC-CA53/16F/C-NOPI
Degenerative Myelopathy - NORMAL N/N #52619
Fluff - N/A Carrier #52619
Extension Gene -  E/E NORMAL #52619

Ballantyne -
OFA Hips - Borderline - OFA asked for resubmit due to positioning
PennHIP - 70% Percentile
OFA Elbows - Normal WCC-EL259F24-VPI
PRA Line Clear
CERF NORMAL, '11 WCC-354441
Thyroid - NORMAL WCC-CA51/15F/C-NOPI
Patellas -
Degenerative Myelopathy, N/A Carrier #52618
Fluff - N/A Carrier, #52618
Extension gene - E/E NORMAL #52618