Ebonwald Cardigans

Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.


shown above winning a 3 point major under Jon Cole.
GCH Ebonwald's A Blessed Pirate Queen
CH Wolfrun Brave New World x CH Bendi Ebonwald Smthing 2 Prove

Born: November 29, 2009
Color: Blue Merle and White with Brindle Points
Breeder: Garrett Ramsay
Owner: Garrett Ramsay

Ava is from my first litter, the "Blessed" litter as they were born on Thanksgiving weekend. Ava has surpassed my expectations as a dog. She was my first Champion from my first litter, first Bred-by champion, first dog to go Best of Breed over other specials, first dog to get three Grand Champion majors in one weekend and most importantly, she has the exact same loving, mellow, face licking personality of her mother, and less fortunate, her bark :) Her Grand Champion title was acquired in 7 consecutive shows, with ALL majors! She was invited in 2011 and 2012 to Eukanuba for earning her CH title in the Bred-By Exhibitor class, as well as earning her Grand Champion title. She is at the top of the weight limits for Cardigan bitches (34 pounds) but still seems small when out in the ring. She has one of the greatest personalities that I could ever hope for and really excited to see what I can get from her as a special (so far just limited showing) and in the whelping box.

Ava's win record:
8/27/10 - WB/BOW 3 points - Debbie Brooks - North Star Herding Group Club Specialty
8/29/10 - WB/BOW 1 point - Betsy Horn - St. Croix Valley Kennel Club
12/11/10 - WB/BOW 1 point - Thomas Kilcullen - Granite City Kennel Club
12/12/10 - WB/BOW 1 point - Jon Cole - Granite City Kennel Club
5/22/11 - WB/BOB 1 point - Judith Goodin - Oshkosh Kennel Club
5/23/11 - WB/BOS 1 point - Lyida Coleman Hutchinson - Winnegamie Kennel Club
6/3/11 - WB/BOS 1 point - Lynn Kilngel-Brown - Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club
6/5/11 - WB/BOW/BOS 3 points - Jon Cole - Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club
7/14/11 - WB - 1 point - Ron White - Duluth Kennel Club
7/15/11 - WB/BOS (over a special) 1 point- Virginia Lynne - Duluth Kennel Club
7/16/11 - WB/BOS (over a special) 1 point - Pete Dawkins - Duluth Kennel Club

Ava's win record as a special:
8/26/11 - BOS 3 pt gr ch major - Bill Shelton - North Star Herding Group Club Specialty
8/27/11 - BOS 3 pt gr ch major - Garry Newton - St Croix Valley Kennel Club
8/28/11 - BOB 5 pt gr ch major - Tammy Johnston - St Croix Valley Kennel Club
12/10/11 - BOS 4 pt gr ch major - Beverly Capstick - Granite City Kennel Club
12/11/11 - SB 3 pt gr ch major - Mrs. Robert Forsyth - Granite City Kennel Club
1/6/12 - SB 4 pt gr ch major - Lynn Klingel-Brown - Land O' Lakes Kennel Club
6/3/12 - SB 4 pt gch major - Joe Gregory - FMKC
Ava is now out on the East Coast working towards her Bronze level Grand Champion title!